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Write My Essay For me in 2018


Writing is just like painting a masterpiece. The only difference is painting is a mix of colours where writing is blended with words correctly place together to produce something unique and different. However, just like not, all the students can be painters, all the students cannot be good writers. Once in a while, every student in his academic life wishes that :

“I wish someone can write my essay for me”

This is good news for all the students acquiring education in the UK. Whether you are from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool or any other city in the UK, the team of 360 essay is here to fulfil all your essay writing needs. We are the answer to your wish to have someone write my essay for me. However, before diving into the reasons to hire 360 essay, let us list down the types of essays we write when students say write my essay for me.

Types of Essays 360 essay writes

The term essay is a generic term. There are many types of essays that come under the simple term essay. When students say “write my essay for me”, there can be any type of essay they want to be written. 360 essay writes almost all types of essays and assignments. There so many types of essays that even if students know how to write one type of essay that does not necessarily mean that they can write any type of essay. 360 essay writing servive, writes following types of essays:

Types of essays

Narrative Essays

Expository Essays

Descriptive Essays

Persuasive Essays

360 essay also specialises in writing other types of assignments that include:

Dissertation essay writing

Assignment writing

Coursework writing

Dissertation proposal writing

Thesis writing

Research writing

Why I want Someone to Write my Essay for me?

There may be many reasons for students to say “Can someone write my essay for me?”. Here is a list of few reasons to hire professional essay writing services:

No Writing Skills

Just like not every student is not a mathematician, painter or an artist, similarly not every student has essay writing skills. No matter how much some students try to write a good essay they always end up with something not so good. This is one of the reason students to wonder to have someone write my essay for me. Professional essay writers structure your essay in a way that people will come to you to learn to write an essay.

Marks Deduction

A low-quality essay can cause students lose their marks. For professors, the essay needs to be perfect. From idea to structure, everything needs to be just perfect. Professors deduct marks on poorly written essays. Marks deduction in several assignments can make students repeat the same college subject. With such busy schedule which student has time to cater all the needs of the professor.

This is the time when students ask their friends or siblings that:

Can you write my essay for me?

The answer is an obvious no from siblings and friends as they already have a lot to focus on.  This is the time when students say “need professional help with my essay“. This will not only fulfil the requirements set by the professor but will also save a student from marks deduction.

Copy Content- Not a good Option

Many students try to copy their assignments and essays from internet sources. With the advancement of education, plagiarism is subjected to strict laws in the universities and colleges. Students can get a straight zero for copying content from the internet. Professors use Turnitin plagiarism checker, to determine the originality of the content written by the students. Students since cannot copy their content from the internet they want an essay writing company or service to help them fulfil their wish of “write my essay for me”.

Crossing Deadline Leads to Disqualification

In the UK, universities follow strict deadline when it comes to submission of the essays and assignments. Since students already have so many assignments approaching deadlines. If students miss their deadlines their assignment is not graded at all. This is the next reason for students to question “Can someone write my essay for me?”. Affordable yet best essay writing service like 360 essay can help you to submit your assignment before the deadline actually hits you.

Not so Interesting Subject

In every college semester, students have that one subject that makes them wonder “I wish someone can just write my essay for me.” Students do not necessarily have all the subjects of interest in their semester time. It is already so difficult for students to understand that subject. It is much more difficult for students to write essays on that subject. This is one of another reason for students to buy essay online from professional essay writing services.

What is the Cost if you Write my Essay for Me?

The essay writing cost by 360 essay starts with a minimum cost of 7$ per page. Although, the charges may vary from the type of project one wants. 360 essay provides cheap essay writing services to students. 7$ per page is reasonable for students as this is not even half of their daily pocket money. We are here to help students. Therefore, our charges are minimal in the essay writing market. 360 essay was an initiated with an aim to help students and thus, so far we have been successful in helping the students.

Online Essay Generator to Write my Essay for me

Students often argue that I can use online essay generator to write my essay for me. However, such software programs are useless for essay and paper writing. The essays generated by such software programs not only produce plagiarised content but the content is of low-quality as well. As mentioned earlier, students can face disqualification or marks deduction due to the originality of the content. These online generators also fail to provide proper referencing and formatting for their content. 360 essay works hard not only to produce the quality essay for you but we also work to prove proper essay formatting service as well.

Expertise of 360 essay

The team of 360 comprises of graduates from the best universities in the UK. Each and every member of the team specialises in different subject areas with one thing in common i.e. to help students. We specialise in various subjects including:


Computer Science

Information Technology









Project Management


What we Guaranty When you ask “Write my Essay for me”

360 essay prefers quality over quantity. We take a limited number of orders in a month to ensure that quality is maintained for each and every order we take. The services we offer are the best yet affordable in the whole UK.

We guaranty:

100% original content

Quality work

Timely submission

Proper referencing and formatting

Affordable rates

Privacy Policies

We know the amount of embarrassment a student can face if their information is not kept private. 360 essay works in a way that information of the client is not disclosed to the essay writer as well. When you ask us to “write my essay for me”, we forward your work to write by order id rather than sending your complete essay. In this way, your information is completely private. The team of 360 essay is recruited only in one circumstance if they pledge to keep all the information private.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit the order button or request a callback. We will get back to you in seconds.