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Essay Proofreading

Essay proofreading service is here to make your life easier. Unique research and good content are not the only factors that account for a good essay. There is a lot more to an essay then aforementioned regular requirements.

Besides essay writing help service, 360 essay also provides proofreading services for its clients.Students, especially international students writing essays and assignments are often unable to deliver essays that are grammatically correct, well-formatted and have the required contextual sense of their assignments

Reasons to Hire Professionals to Proofread my Essay

Students might wonder why hire a professional essay proofreader? If they can write their assignment on their own they can proofread it as well. Although proofreading may seem easy, it actually requires a third eye to see the mistakes in a document. There may be many reasons that may make students to get essay proofreading service.

Lack of Clarity in the Essay

Lack of clarity in the essay

The lack of clarity in the final document results in low grades in the assignment. Although, students check their essays for mistakes there are still some grammatical and spelling mistakes affecting the quality of work. Students are unable to comprehend the reasons for such low grades, although they have worked very hard on their research. It really takes single contextual error, grammatical and formatting issue to make people question your writing and research skills. This is when students need to take the support of professional essay proofreader

Time to Proofread My Essay

Students already have so much pressure of assignments and lack of time that they hardly get time to complete an assignment. Proofreading requires a completely different mindset. Students are already weary of the burden of too many assignments. Also, the online essay proofreader tool is not sufficient to find out all the issues in the essay. However, students can hire professional essay proofreading service like 360 essay to proofread their work.

I Work So Hard Still I Get Low Marks

We know, the effort students put in their essays and still getting low marks can be a little disheartening.There may be many reasons for low marks out of which one of the most prominent issues is not proofreading your essay. There are many proofreading errors that student cannot get the hold-off. Potential issues include missing comma or full stop, vague and imprecise delivery of the idea. These issues can be the cause of low marks for students.However, students can get the help of the professional essay proofreader to get rid of such silly mistakes and contextual issues.

ESL (English as a Second Language) Students

Tick mark for bullet point International students having English as their second language have always reported that they cannot get good grades in their assignments.

Tick mark for bullet pointIt is difficult for them to both understand the courses and write assignments in English.

Tick mark for bullet pointEven if ESL students have some level of English language expertise, it is difficult for them to reach the level of native English students.

Tick mark for bullet pointIt is better for ESL students to take help of essay proofreading service. Since the grading criteria for both ESL and English students is same.

Tick mark for bullet point360 essay proofreading service helps international students to excel in their academic life and later in their career.

Too tired to proofread my Essay

Students have a hectic schedule and with so much around, students get exhausted to proofread their essay. Researchers and dissertation writers work so hard on their research that at the end of the day proofreading seems like a heavy task.Dissertation students have faced several consequences of not giving a final proofreads to their work. Being tired and then proofreading your essay is not a good choice. Hence, this is the time when they need professional proofreading services to help their work get the value it deserves. They can also take dissertation writing help but if they have completed writing and need someone to proofread, we are here for them.

Why 360 Essay proofreading service?

Online essay proofreader is good for the correction of grammatical and punctuation issues. To some extent, they can help to provide proper word replacement. Yet, these online tools are of no use to solve contextual and formatting issues. 360 essay is a website that proofreads essays. It is a team of professional essay writers and proofreaders, devoted to help students to excel in their student life. We work 24/7 to provide students with the proofreading services they require. We know the time you have spent on writing and researching your essay. Making your work more presentable, understandable and credible is not an easy task. However, we here at 360 essay give your work the structure it deserves so that it is much more valuable and recognised.

360 Essay Proofreading Service

Tick mark for bullet pointAcademic essay proofreading

Tick mark for bullet pointDissertation proofreading

Tick mark for bullet pointCoursework Proofreading

Tick mark for bullet pointBusiness plans proofreading

Tick mark for bullet pointWebsite content proofreading

Tick mark for bullet point Assignment proofreading

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How 360 Essay works to Proofread Your Essay

Students have hundreds of queries regarding how their work is proofread. There are times when there are few basic changes in the document. Whereas sometimes the document might need a lot more than an essay proofreader to solve the issues. If the essay has too many changes then it is better to take help of essay editing service. We follow two-step proofreading for your documents. The assignment is first forwarded to expert proofreader of the subject. There is no compromise on the handling of the assignment by a professional with little or no expertise in that subject.The assignment is again proofread by the second professional, who makes the final changes to the essay. Nonetheless, after the two-step proofreading, the essay is then submitted to the client.

What We Check While Proofreading Your Essay?

Essay proofreading service checklist

Tick mark for bullet pointGrammatical mistakes

Tick mark for bullet pointSpelling mistakes

Tick mark for bullet pointLanguage issues

Tick mark for bullet pointContextual issues

Tick mark for bullet pointFlow of sentences

Tick mark for bullet pointFormatting Style

Tick mark for bullet pointStructure

How May Student know about the changes?

One of the concerns that rise amongst students is the way they can track down the changes made by our experts. We utilise the “Track changes” feature of the Microsoft word, to view document history. The area with major changes is highlighted. Also, our experts provide you with the guidance and feedback on your essay to improve it further. Proper comments are given about the changes in the essay. The expert feedback not only helps to improve the quality of current assignment but also helps the students to perform better in the future.

Benefits to Take 360 Essay Proofreading Service

Tick mark for bullet pointAffordable prices

Tick mark for bullet pointExpert English native writers

Tick mark for bullet pointPrivacy and confidentiality

Tick mark for bullet point Easy Order process

Tick mark for bullet point24/7 customer support

Tick mark for bullet pointFree revisions

Tick mark for bullet point Tracked changes

Tick mark for bullet point Two-step proofreading

Tick mark for bullet pointPayment after complete satisfaction

Tick mark for bullet pointExpert guidance

Privacy Policies of 360 Essay Proofreading Service

Information and customer privacy by 360 essay proofreading service

360 essay has strong privacy policies for all the assignments. All the team members are native English speakers, determined to provide the best of all the services. They have an in-depth approach to proofread every document. They even track down the minor errors and details in the essays and assignments. There is no subject that we cannot work on. The contents of documents and student identity are not exposed in any way.The documents and essays of students are not utilised in any way. Improving the quality of the essays of students is our prime focus. Each and every essay proofreader team member is not only trained to improve the quality of your work but also to keep student’s identity and work confidential.

Low Market Prices of 360 Essay Proofreading Service

Essay proofreading service made affordable

We provide quality proofreading and writing services in all areas including, essay writing, dissertation writing, coursework writing and assignment writing. The prices for vary depending on the type of work and word count of the assignment. You can know the cost of your assignment from the very start by either checking the general price table or instant word calculator. The services for students are light on pocket and students can easily afford it. The online essay proofreader services by 360 essay are of high-quality and yet affordable for the students.