Help With My Essay


Ways To Get Help With My Essay

You cannot get a genie to grant your wish demanding “help with my essay”. However, you can get the help of the best essay writing service in the UK to help you write a perfect essay. Students may need help in their essay due to various reasons. Some of the reasons include lack of time, little or no interest in the subject or no proficiency in speaking and writing in English. With so many genuine reasons, it is obvious for students to say “need help with my essay.”

How 360 Essay Can Help With my Essay

360 essay can help you with your essay by writing your essay for you. Whether you are an ESL student looking for help or a native English student, we can write your essay on the deadline set by you. You can buy essay online from us. We can also help you in your work by our essay proofreading and essay editing services. If you have completed your essay and want someone to proofread, we are here for you. We also provide free formatting and plagiarism checking services as well. You just need to upload all the information on the order page and our team will get back to you. Therefore, next time whenever you wonder “need help with my essay”, 360 essay is your best match.

Is it Legal to Get Help with my Essay Online?

Students always send us the query saying is it fine take help of professional writers for my school/college. Our answer to this question is yes based on the following reasons:

Tick mark for bullet pointIt is better to take help rather than getting low grades.

Tick mark for bullet pointOther important work to focus on.

Tick mark for bullet pointDeadline is close.

Tick mark for bullet pointProfessors are busy to assist you.

Help with My Essay for Free

            There is nothing in this world for free. Even if there are free essay writer service available, they do not provide with the quality services. Nonetheless, we do not give free essay writing service but we do provide free plagiarism checker service and formatting service. To fulfil your wish that “I need help with my essay”, the rates for essay writing service are set reasonable by 360 essay. Our essay writing services start with 7$ per page. Where essay writing companies in the UK charge around 14$ per page, the team of 360 essay just works on 7$ per page.

Can you do my coursework for me?

            360 essay is not bounded by essay writing service only. The team of 360 essay also works on coursework, assignments, dissertations, thesis and research papers. We have a team of versatile writers, specialising in different types of essays and assignments. The writers of 360 essay hold their degrees from reputed universities in the UK. Our writers know the requirements of all the universities in the UK. Whether you are from Oxford or from Cambridge, our writers are proficient in the norms set by each institute.

 What makes 360 Essay Distinct from Others?

Students often ask us that there are many essay writing services to help with my essay, what makes 360 essay standout from others? There are many reasons that make 360 essay distinguishable from others:

Unique and Original Content 

            The writers of 360 essay write essays that are 100% unique and original. We know the consequences of copied content; therefore, we strictly prohibit this action. Writer researches the topic after assigning of the topic. After a thorough research on the subject, the writer starts to work on your essay. After completion of the essay, both writer and professional proofreader, proofread the essay to correct any mistakes.

On-Time Essay Delivery

            The expert writers of 360 essay respect the deadline set by the customer. We provide quality essays to the students in the given time frame. There is no reason for us to extend the submission date of your work. We know students have trusted us with their work. Therefore, we do not make any exception in their work in terms of both deadline and quality of work.

High-quality Essays

            When students come to us with their need “help with my essay”, we understand their reasons to take help from us. Whatever the deadline, subject and topic are, we put our soul in every essay we write. Each and every essay written by the team of 360 essay, shows the perfection of our professional essayist.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Apart from deadline and quality of work the next thing that is most important for 360 essay is the privacy and confidentiality of our customers. We keep the information of our customers private from everyone including the writers. Our writers are recruited and trained only if they commit to follow the privacy policies of our organisation. The writers get essays to work on the basis of “order Id” rather than the details of the customer. This makes the writers work on the essay without any customer information.

How does 360 Essay work on my Essay?

Writers at 360 essay work in a proper manner when students ask us to help with my essay. The writers of 360 essay follow a systematic approach to work on the essay of students. We do not assign any essay to anyone; only subject expert works on the assignment of the student. There is no possibility for a marketing writer to work on an essay relating to computer science. The writers at 360 essay take the following approach to write your essay:

Research and Data Collection:

Writer researches on the topic of the essay, after successful assigning from the senior writer. The writers are only allowed to study from authentic sources. Referencing and researching from unauthorised sources is not allowed to writers.


After successful research on the topic. The writer makes the outline for the essay. Writers design the outline in a way that it obeys the customer requirements. The writer starts to work on the essay once the outline is approved.

Essay Writing:

Our writers start to write the essay after complete research and outline.  Each and every statement or idea is supported by a reference from authentic sites such as google scholar or research gate.


When the writer completes the essay, it is formatted in the way specified by the customer. Writers of 360 essay have a strong command over referencing and formatting styles. If the client does not mention any standard, they follow any particular standard essay format.


The writer proofreads the essay after completion. The essay is proofread twice once by the essay writer and then by the professional proofreader.


The final essay is only submitted to the customer if it meets all the quality standards set by the founders of 360 essay. The writer is awarded the reward of the task only if the customer is satisfied with the final order.

Customer Care:

We do not leave our customers alone after the submission of the work. We stay in their touch for final revisions and additions in the essay. The customer care team is available 24/7 to help the customers with revisions and additions. The order is completely closed after successful feedback from the students.

You are one step away from getting the perfect essay writing service in the UK. Place your order right now to avail our services.